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Hot Dishes

Pork Belly

Crispy Pork Belly with Asian Slaw

Crispy Pork Belly (slow precooked belly)



  1. Roast the belly in a pre-heated oven at 160°C for 25 minutes, turn the temperature up to 200°C and roast for 10 minutes to crisp up the skin.

  2. Let it rest for 5 minutes before cutting 


Asian Slaw Salad  (2 portions)


100g              Apple Julienne 
50g                Shredded White Cabbage
50g                Shredded Carrot 
30g                Thinly sliced Red Onions
10g                Grated Ginger
2 sprigs         Chopped fresh Coriander chopped  

30ml              Soy Sauce
20g                Rice Vinegar or Mirin 
20g                Olive Oil 
20g                Sesame Oil 
Salt & Pepper to taste  


Mix all ingredients together and serve.

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Sausage Platter

Sausage Platter


2 pc                 Thuringer Bratwurst
2 pc                 Cheese Krainer Sausage (Smoked pork and cheese sausage) 
2 pc                 Frankfurter
4 pc                 Nurenberger 
100g                Sauerkraut 
100g                Roasted Potatoes  


This selection of smoked and poached sausages has the perfect balance of salty and smoky flavors. Grill or pan fry the sausages, serve with sauerkraut and potato with your favorite mustard.

This sausage platter is perfect for sharing.

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Bone Marrow

Baked Bone Marrow with Braised Oxtail


2kg              Oxtail pieces

1 pc             Cleaned Bone Marrow (approx. 500g)

300g            Diced Onions
30g              Garlic Cloves sliced 
50g              Brown Sugar
350 ml         Red Wine 
1 sprig         Hopped Rosemary
3 pc             Bay Leaves

200g            Diced Carrots
200g            Diced Celery 
2 sprigs       Chopped Thyme
100g            Tomato Paste 
500g            Demi Glaze or Light Gravy
300g            Chicken Dtock

Salt and Pepper to taste



  1. For the Oxtail Stew

  2. Season the oxtail with salt, pepper and sprinkle a little flour.

  3. Brown the oxtail in a hot pan, then take them out and add garlic, carrot, celery, onions.

  4. Cook for 10 minutes, add tomato paste and brown sugar and cook a further 10 minutes,

    deglaze with red wine, add herbs and demi glaze, water and add back the oxtail.

  5. Slow braise in the oven at 160°C for 4 hours.

  6. Take out the oxtail, take the meat off the bone and add back to the sauce.

  7. Cook for 5 minutes and check the seasoning, ready to serve.

  8. This oxtail sauce can be made in advance and reheated as needed. Perfect for pasta or on top of baked bone marrow with crusty bread.


For the Bone Marrow

  1. Lay the sliced bone marrow on a baking tray lined with foil.

  2. Season with salt and black pepper

  3. Roast in a pre-heated oven at 190°C for 20 minutes.

  4. Take out and place on the serving plate, then top with the oxtail stew.

  5. Serve with sliced bread croutons. Brush with tomato sauce before baking to give more flavour to the bread.

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US Beef Burger

US Beef Burger

2 pc     Burger Patties (150g each)
2 pc     4 inch Sesame Burger Buns 
50g      Sliced Tomato
3g        Shredded Lettuce

40g      Sliced Cheddar Cheese (optional)
60g      Ranch Dressing
30g      Sliced Kosher Pickle



  1. Season the burger patties with salt and pepper and grill or pan fry at medium heat for 3-4 minutes on each side.

  2. Brush the buns with a little butter and toast.

  3. Spread the ranch dressing on the toasted buns and assemble patties with all the trimmings.

  4. Serve with your favorite condiments. 

Our top quality burgers can be enjoyed at home, simple to cook and full of flavor.  

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Black Angus Striploin

Grilled Black Angus Striploin

300g               Angus Striploin
2 pc                Sautéed Asparagus
100g               Roasted Potato
2 pc                Roasted Pearl Onion

2 pc                Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
1 sprig            Chopped fresh Thyme
1 Tbsp            Olive Oil
Salt &Pepper to taste



  1. Leave the steak at room temperature for 10 minutes.

  2. Season with salt and pepper, oil and thyme and grill or pan fry at medium heat. 

  3. Let it rest for 5 minutes before serving.



  • When grilling or pan frying a steak, the temperature is the most important factor. 

  • It can take 2-4 minutes per side depending on thickness.

  • The steak thickness dictates the length of time needed to cook it.

  • For medium rare, the internal temperature should be 55 – 60°C or 60 – 65°C.

  • Can use a meat thermometer to gauge the correct doneness.

  • The grill or pan should be set at medium to high heat when cooking the steak.

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Pork Knuckle
20191016 Beerliner1594_rt.jpg

Roasted Triple A Grade Austrian Pork Knuckle

1 pc                Slow cooked Pork Knuckle (precooked and oven ready)

Salt to taste



  1. Sprinkle a little salt on the knuckle skin.

  2. Roast in a pre-heated oven for 30 minutes at 170°C.

  3. Increase the temperature to 200°C and roast for a further 15 minutes to crisp up the skin.

  4. Serve with sauerkraut and mustard.

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Pork Belly Bun

Pork Belly Buns


150g    Sliced Pre-cooked Pork Belly 
3 pc     2.5 inch mini Burger Buns
90g      Red Onion Marmalade
30g      Shredded Lettuce
60g      Ranch Dressing
45g      Sliced Green Apple 


  1. Pan fry the pork belly and set aside. 

  2. Brush a little butter on the buns and toast them.

  3. Spread the ranch dressing on the toasted buns and assemble with onion marmalade, pork belly, lettuce and apple. A perfect appetizer or snack.

Red Onion Marmalade 

300g        Sliced Red Onions

50g          Olive Oil

2 Tbsp     Sugar

2 pc         Bay Leaves

1 sprig     Rosemary Chopped

2 Tbsp     Honey

50g          Red Wine

30g          Red Wine Vinegar

Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Sweat the onions in olive oil for 5 minutes.

  2. Add the herbs and sugar and cook for 1 minute.

  3. Add wine, vinegar and cook for 2 minutes.

  4. Add the honey and reduce to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes.

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Cheek Pasta

Braised Pork Cheek Pasta

140g                Blanched Cavatelli Pasta (or your favorite pasta) 
140g                Diced cooked Pork Cheeks with its own braised sauce 
20g                  Chopped Spring Onions
50g                  Diced Bacon
20g                  Crispy crackling Pork Skin (Chicharron)
20g                  Diced semi dried Tomatoes  
20g                  Sliced Green Olives 
1 pc                 Egg Yolk 


  1. Sauté the bacon in a little oil until crispy and set aside, to the pan add olives, semi dried tomatoes.

  2. Add the pork’s cheeks and sauce and cook for 2 minutes.

  3. Add the blanched pasta and check seasoning.

  4. Place on the serving bowl and add garnishes of spring onions, crispy pork skin and crispy bacon.

  5. And lastly the egg yolk this pasta is best when the egg yolk and garnishes are mixed in and eaten immediately.  


Braised Pork Cheeks 

                           Pork Cheeks

1 pc                    Red Chili (chopped)
1 tsp                   Coriander Seed (crushed)
3 pc                    Star Anise
120 ml                Red Wine Vinegar
1/2 L                   Red Wine
1/2 L                   Chicken Stock or Water 
1/2 L                   Veal Jus (or a light gravy)
2 sprigs              Rosemary
2 sprigs              Thyme



  1. Season and sear cheeks in olive oil.

  2. Add the onions, garlic, chili, coriander, star anise and cook slowly for 10 minutes.

  3. Deglaze with vinegar and wine, reduce to half and add stocks, herbs.

  4. Add cheeks and cook for 1 hour or until soft.

  5. Carefully take out cheeks and set aside.

  6. Strain the sauce and cook again for 5 minutes.


The cheeks stay very juicy in the sauce and improve on re-heating.  Perfect for pastas or on top of risotto or mashed potatoes. 

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