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Dry Aged beef

House Fat Aged Bone-in Black Angus Ribeye

We introduce to you our Black Angus rib eye steak - dry aged for 10 days, and then fat aged for a further 10 days in a fat shell, giving it a very unique flavour and texture. As beef dry ages, the water content evaporates, enzymes break down, and the meat forms a crust that needs to be finely trimmed; making the whole procedure expensive.   By submerging the steak in melted fat, it stops the crusting process and the fat penetrates into the soft flesh, adding an intense natural flavor to your steak. This procedure takes time and understanding but is well worth the effort, and offers our diners an opportunity to experience and taste incomparable richness and flavor. 

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Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon


 We pride ourselves on our smoked salmon and have become recognised with the market as one of the best salmon suppliers. Our technique is not new or unique, we only start with the best chilled fish and brine it the traditional and proper way, which takes time and care, resulting in the perfect fish retaining its delicate character and texture.

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IFFA Awards


Award Winning Sausages

Every three years, Professionals from best meat industry players and master butcher around the globe, gathered in Germany to share and enjoy the latest market trends and technology.

There are competitions for international teams, companies and individuals wishing to showcase their skills in which our sausages was awarded top honours .

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