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About Chef's Market 

Located in the historic Central Market, Chef’s Market is an epicurean's paradise for those who love great food and fresh ingredients. The ultimate selection of specialty foods - from fresh cut meats & deli to seasonings & sauces, from fine wines & cheese to gourmet salads, delectable pastries & gelato and many other gastronomic delights - can satisfy all your culinary needs to be a master chef. Explore the best from around the world at prices that will amaze you.

Newly opened in September, 2021, this 7,000 square-foot store occupies half of the ground floor space of Central Market along Queen Victoria Street in the heart of Central District. The store’s design evokes the rustic beauty of the historic landmark with a modern twist of retro architecture featuring warm and natural colours.

The store features different sections, offering more than 3,000 products from around the world:

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Chef’s Cuts counter with fresh cut quality raw meat from USA, Australia & Japan and a wide selection of cheese.There is also a wide selection of imported and processed meats as well as Vegini plant-based meat and ready-to-cook marinated chicken. Signature products include

Dry-Aged beef, USA Iowa Premium Black Angus beef, Australia Union Station beef & lamb, sustainable jet-fresh seafood, smoked salmon and award winning house-made sausages.


Spice & Seasoning corner, located right opposite to the Chef’s Cut counter, offers an impressive selection of spices, specialty sauces, jams and ingredients that will add that extra flare to every home cook dish, some of which are only available at Chef’s Market, including MYSPICE seasoning collection from Austria; Alfie’s Food Co.’s nuts butter from Australia; dressings from Culley’s Kitchen; specialty jam and chutney from Crunch Preserves and Culley’s collection of hot sauces in varying degrees of spiciness.

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Delicatessen counter serves freshly Made-to-order Gourmet Salad, Hot Sandwiches and Bunini, Cheese & Cold Cuts Platter, Cheese Cup, Juices and Hot Dish Combo Set for a no-fuss Grab-and-Go lunch.

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Confectionery counter serves specialty drinks and coffee as well as a good selection of freshly made cakes, macaroons, cookies and homemade gelato in a variety of flavours and gelato buns. There are also frozen pastries and cakes that are perfect for dinner parties at home.

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Zero waste counter offers an extensive selection of oil, wine & vinegar of good quality and taste from vomFASS.

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Wine section features wine, sake and spirits from wineries around the globe.

Others Chef’s Market also offers healthy food choices including organic and gluten- free healthy snacks and pastas, non-diary drink and desserts, fresh fruit as well as specialty tea leaves and coffee. There are also a good selection of Chinese grocery such as fish maw, Chinese sausages, wolfberry, even rice and more.



What’s more? Chef’s Market can tailor-made the products to customer’s liking including Steak cuts, Chateaubriand, over 35 different award-winning fresh & natural hand-made sausages, dry-rubbed baby back ribs, Rosemary & garlic lamb chops, lean minced beef, whole spatchcock, chicken breast & wings in 8 different marinades and a full range of turkey products (whole turkeys, legs, breast, wings, smoked breast, meatballs, burgers, mince, schnitzels, sausages).


Chef’s Market is the best place to be for those who love to cook. Chef’s Demonstration and Food Tasting Eventare held regularly, bringing patrons the most up-to-date market information.


Come and explore the best from around the world at prices that will amaze you. Discover recipes, wine pairings, tips and everything you need to know about gourmet food all in one place at Chef’s Market!

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